Twist Off Pin // Jake Amason iLL Art Collective

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Opening up portals with a Twist. Changing perspectives and how we see. Allowing the mind to reach deep 🧠

"Twist Off" Pin 🌪🌀~ Jake Amason x iLL Art Collective collab 👁🖤👁
Drop Type: Variant Select
*Very Limited Full Sets Available*
Gift Variants (GV) will be mixed in with some Full Sets and a few Singles 🎁🎁
U.V. and Glow Effects🔥🔥
Lots of tiny cut-outs amd crazy shapes
Back design with logos and numbers
2.75 inches wide // 4 post w/ rubber backs
*Full Set includes all 5 variants listed*
OG: Limited Edition of 40
Limelight: Limited Edition of 30
Pastel: Limited Edition of 25
Seafoam: Limited Edition of 25
Sunset: Limited Edition of 20
(More Variants to be announced)

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