*Pre-Sale* The Alchemist Pin // Ancient Aesthetics x iLL Art Collective

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The Alchemist🧙🐸~ Ancient Aesthetics  (Art By Mike Swanson) x iLL Art Collective 🖤👁🖤



•This is our 1st locked pre-sale, so please read carefully!!!!

•This is a variant select drop. You choose the pin variant you want when purchasing from the site. But not all the variants are unlocked yet!!

•Only the OG variant is available right now!! To unlock the next variant and make it available on our site, we need your help reaching a certain number of orders. After we hit that number, the next variant will be available on the site

•Here are the number of orders needed to unlock each variant for pre-sale 🔐
  ~Variant 1: OG (unlocked)
  ~Variant 2: Purple Twilight (unlocked)
  ~Variant 3: Candy
  ~Variant 4: Murder
  ~Variant 5: Blood

LE: 50/40/30/20/10

•If all the variants are unlocked before the end of pre-sales, a very special new clothing item will be dropped on the site!

•Very limited amount of each variant will be available once unlocked. Most of the pins will be saved to drop online once we have them in hand 🤌🤌

•A new post will be made here in the group as each variant is unlocked. Be sure to have post notifications turned on for the group so you don't miss the lower limited editions as they unlock

Start: Saturday October 30th (10.30.21)

End: Monday Nov 1st (11.1.21)
Or when all pre-sale are sold out!



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