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"SNACK TIME" Pins are HERE😱😱 Hanging around in a watchful tree, Hungry Chameleon is ready for a treat!! Good thing there is a "snack" flying around, that'll hold 'em over for the time to be😋
The story continues as we add more fun creatures to come....👁
This was a super fun project for us, teaming up with our good friend Danny Sanzone over at ♾Infinite Evolution♾ - Art by Danny Sanzone!! Four variants will be dropping here in iLL Art and a different four in Infinite Evolution. Make sure to check out his group and show some love there as well 🖤♾🖤
"Snack Time" Two Piece Pin🦎🪰🐸 ~ Sanzone Art x iLL Art Collective Collab ♾👁♾
Thursday November 4th (11.4.21)
7pm et | 6pm ct | 5pm mt | 4pm pt
Drop Type: Blind Bag(BB)
**Very limited full sets available**
Price:Single(Blind Bag) $45 // Sets (4 variants) $180
Limit:Two(2) blind bag(BB) singles or One(1)full set
All "Snack Time" Pins will include a Chameleon pin and "snack" mini pin
Gift Variants (GV) will be mixed in with Full Sets and (BB) Singles 🎁🎁
U.V., Glitter and Glow Effects
Back design with logos and numbers
Two piece pin!! Chameleon Pin and matching "snack" mini pin 😋🤤
Chameleon: 3.5 inches wide // 4 post
"snack": 1/2 inch // 1 post
(Dropping Exclusively in iLL Art)
OG: Limited Edition of 50
Candy: Limited Edition of 40
Pastel: Limited Edition of 35
Midnight Galaxy: Limited Edition of 20
Monochrome (GV): Limited Edition of 10
Murder (GV): Limited Edition of 10
More variants Dropping Exclusively in Infinite Evolution!! Be sure to head over and check them all out as well 👁♾👁

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