*Pre-Sale* Funktion Abduction Biker Shorts // Sanzone Art x iLL Art Collective collab

*Pre-Sale* Funktion Abduction Biker Shorts // Sanzone Art x iLL Art Collective collab

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Funktion Abduction 🔊🛸 ~ Sanzone Art x iLL Art Collective collab👽👁👽
•Very limited amount of each item will be available for pre sale. Most merch will be saved to drop at our Sound Haven meet-up 🚀🚀
(more info coming soon)
•Pre-Sale orders CAN be picked up in person upon arrival at Sound Haven
•You are NOT required to pick your order up at Sound Haven. Although we would love to meet everyone, any orders that are not picked up will ship shortly after the event.
•You are NOT required to attend the festival to purchase pre sales, ANYONE may purchase Funktion Abduction merchandise!! If you are not attending this may be your only chance!!
Start: Thursday July 22nd (7.22.21)
7pm et | 6pm ct | 5pm mt | 4pm pt
End: Monday July 26th (7.26.21)
Or when all pre-sale are sold out!

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