Mass Abduction Pin (Blind Bag) // iLL Art x Fuzzy Friends x Emi Monster

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Mass Abduction (UFO + Mini Monster series)👾 iLL Art Collective x Fuzzy Friends Studios x EmiMonster Art(Emi Giovannini)
We are proud to present the first ever ‘B2B2B’ pin collaboration involving TWO production companies and an artist (with potential for more artists joining the project too…)
Cost: $50 + $4 shipping
Drop Type: Blind Bagged (BB)
Includes one matching set (UFO & Dragon Monster)
(Numbers will not be matching, just the variants)
Purchase Limit: 1 Per Person for 1st hour
(You may attempt to score the drop on both website)

LE /120 UFO • LE /60 Dragon Monster
LE /80 UFO• LE /40 Dragon Monster
LE: /50 UFO • LE /40 Dragon Monster
LE: /30 UFO • LE /15 Dragon Monster
LE /20 UFO • LE /10 Dragon Monster
LE: /14 UFO • LE /7 Dragon Monster

UFO ~ 4 Inches Tall // 3 Back Post
Dragon Monster ~ 1 Inch tall // 2 Back Post
U.V., Glitter and Glow effects
Glitter variants have thin epoxy coating

The UFOs pins have two small holes in the tractor-beam. The mini-monster are also pins (not magnets) and they have slightly longer back posts so they can stack on top of the UFO pin and be worn together, creating one large pin. The mini-monsters can be collected on their own and will fit on your pin board or hat, without the need to be placed on the UFOs. The UFOs can also be collected on their own and of course the two can be and should be collected together so you can swap out the monsters and UFOs, creating endless abduction combinations. We are working on producing the next set of mini-monsters and will be producing many more new creatures for you to collect and abduct with your spaceships.

Half of the pins will drop on and the other half on fuzzyfriendsstudios(DOT)com. The UFOs on both websites are the same but which monster you get will depend on which site you purchase from. Dragon mosters in iLL Art and Octopus in Fuzzy Friends. Open Edition UFO's without a monster will also be available on fuzzyfriendsstudios(DOT)com.


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