Conundrum Pin // Jake Amason x iLL Art Collective

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⚪️◻️◽️❔️CONUNDRUM ❔◽️◻️⚪️

Marble hunting through the portal spillage. Reflections found in Conundrum¿?

Conundrum Pin ⁉ ~ Jake Amason x iLL Art Collective collab 👁🤍🎨

Friday, May 19th (5.19.23)
5PM Et | 4PM Ct | 3PM Mt | 2PM Pt

Drop Type: Blind Bagged (BB)
Very limited Full Sets will be avaïlablé
*Sets will not have matching numbers*

Limit: 1 BB or 1 set per person for the first 30 mins. One or the other, not both!
** Shipping included for all U.S. orders**

U.V., Glitter, and Glow Effects🔥🔥
Thin epoxy protective coating on top
Back design with logos and numbers

Gift Variants will be distributed at random with lucky set and blind bags!!
*GV not included with all sets*

2.75 in. tall x 2.75 in. wide / 5 back post / 2.75mm Extra Thicc  

OG: Limited Edition of 55
(Pink and blue on ano metal)
Candy: Limited Edition of 33
(Black and rainbow on white metal)
Grey Scale: Limited Edition of 25
(Blue and green on ano metal)
Toxic Slime: Limited Edition of 22
(Blue and black on green metal)
The Wiz: Limited Edition of 20
(Black and yellow on black metal)
Ocean Sunset: Limited Edition of 15
(Blue and orange on purple metal)

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