Galactic Bloom Blankets

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🐤🌻🌌Galactic Bloom Pre-Sale🌌🌻🐤
It all began with a Galactic Bloom! A magical place in space where sound and light frequencies resonate. Time to captivate the mind as we take a journey amongst the stars!
Galactic Bloom Micro Fleece Blanket ~ Sanzone Art x iLL Art Collab 🖤👁🖤

•Very limited amount of Galactic Bloom Merchandise will be available during Pre-Sale. Remaining merch will be saved to drop in person during our meet-up at Sonic Bloom
•Pre-Sale orders CAN be picked up in person during our meet-up at Sonic Bloom
•You are NOT required to pick your order up at Bloom, although we would love to meet everyone in person!!! Any orders that are not picked up will ship shortly after the event.
•You are NOT required to attend the festival to purchase Pre-Sales, ANYONE may purchase Galactic Bloom merchandise!! If you are not attending the festival this may be your only chance. We hope to sell out at the event.

Start: Available Now!!
Wednesday June 8th (6.8.22)
End: Monday June 13th (6.13.22)
*Please allow 1-2 Weeks after the event (6.20) for these items to ship*
Cost: **Exclusive Pre-Sale Price**
$70 In person pick up
$80 Shipped after the event
Drop Type: Limited Edition Presale 
(Amount made will be determined after pre-sales)
Size: 60" tall x 50" wide • Full/Queen sized
Material: High quality, detailed sublimation printing on super soft silk touch micro fleece. The softest blanket you'll touch. Ever 😏 Much needed for those cold Bloom Nights

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