*Pre-Sale* Veil Lifter Pin // Julen The Artist x iLL Art Collective

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🍄🧚‍♀️"Veil Lifter" Pre-Sales🧚‍♀️🍄
The return home to Suwanee is sure to be a truly euphoric experience filled with many magical memories. The spirit lake fairy comes to Lift your Veil. We are overly excited to present our newest collab with Julen The Artist.

"Veil Lifter"🧚‍♀️🍄~ Zach Julen x iLL Art Collective Collab🖤👁🖤

•Very limited amount of each item will be available during Pre-Sale. Remaining merch will be saved to drop in person during our meet-up at Tipper and Friends(TnF) 
•Pre-Sale orders CAN be picked up in person during our meet-up at Tipper and Friends.
•You are NOT required to pick your order up at TnF, although we would love to meet everyone in person!!! Any orders that are not picked up will ship shortly after the event.
•You are NOT required to attend the festival to purchase Pre-Sales, ANYONE may purchase "Veil Lifter" merchandise!! If you are not attending the festival this may be your only chance!

Start: Pre-Sales are LIVE!!
Today March 3rd (3.3.22)
End: Thursday March 10th (3.10.21) Or when all pre-sale are sold out! 



**Limit: One per person for the first hour**
Feel free to combine with other items
Drop Type:Variant Select
Cost: Single $40 // Full Set $120
Full sets will include 3 pins and a higher chance at a Gift Variant
U.V., Glitter, and Glow Effects 3.5 inches tall 
4 back post Full back design with numbers and logo

•OG: Limited Edition of 50 (Coral and Teal)
•Amethyst Deceiver: Limited Edition of 25 (Pink and Purple)
•Indigo Milk: Limited Edition of 25 (White and Blue)
•Glass Parasol(GV): Limited Edition of 10 (Rainbow)

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